Office of Student Life

Staff Services


Computing services are provided to help Student Life staff with their daily needs for desktop, laptop and other devices. This service includes client consulting to aid users in making the right decision on how technology may or may not apply to their particular situation. The service categories for this group include the following:

  • Desktop / laptop hardware lifecycle management - include procurement, configuration, and upgrades.
  • Desktop software management - License management and installation of products such as Microsoft Office, Adobe CS5, etc.
  • Printer services - Desktop printers, scanners, etc.


Application services are focused on filling client requirements through custom development and/or configuration of software.

  • Web Site Development
  • Mobile Development
  • 3rd party / purchased application support
  • Application integration
  • Analytical / statistical reporting


Hosting services provide secure, stable environments for the services we deliver and support.

  • Web Hosting - Security, IIS, OSU Mobile - iPhone and Andriod
  • Application Hosting for custom developed systems and purchased applications - Blackboard, Micros, CSI, Pyramed, Titanium
  • Database hosting and management
  • File Storage / Backup and recovery services - Off-site online backups, shared drives


Collaboration services help our user to communicate and share information.

  • File Shares
  • Sharepoint Services
  • Instant Messaging / Video Conferencing
  • Phones (Business cell phones - 2 providers (Sprint and Verizon), links to the policy document)


Multimedia is becoming more integrated with techology services.  As this continues to evolve, our services will adjust appropriately to meet the demands of our clients.

  • Digital Signage Hardware/Software support
  • Web content design
  • Online Media Production - Videos, images, tutorials


We are focused on making sure the services we deliver are secure.

  • Account assistance - password resets, system access, etc.
  • Wired and wireless services for Student Life facilities and residence halls
  • Security management including firewall, network access control, and intrusion detection
  • Security assessments including PCI, vulnerability testing, penetration testing