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Before You Arrive

Make sure you have supported devices and all the accessories needed to connect to the wired or wireless network in your residence hall:

Verify your devices are supported

Our Device Compatibility Guide provides information on which electronic devices can be connected to which networks in the residence halls. 

Don't forget your network cable, even if you intend to use WiFi

A Cat 5e or Cat 6 network cable comes in handy in case you are experiencing trouble with WiFi on your computer or for connecting game consoles (PS2, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, etc.) and streaming media players (Apple TV, Roku, Smart TVs, etc.).

Get the latest updates for your computer & devices

Make sure your computer's operating system, drivers, and anti-virus software have the latest updates installed. Make sure your other devices have the latest firmware as well. This makes connecting to our networks easier and ensures you have a safe, efficient and enjoyable online experience. Make a good habit to stay on top of your updates by checking regularly or setting updates to install automatically.

Leave the router at home

Personal routers, access points, extenders, repeaters and signal boosters are strictly prohibited in the residence halls. Such devices cause interference with existing network services, resulting in service disruption for everyone. Residents who attempt to use these devices will have connection privileges suspended until the device is removed.

You may connect an unmanaged network switch if you need more than one wired network port in your room.

Consider leaving your printer at home too

Ohio State's campus-wide print service Follow Me Printing (FMP) allows you to print black & white and color documents from your computer or mobile device anytime, anywhere to a number of conveniently located printers throughout campus.

If you are planning to bring a personal printer, be sure to pack the user manual and a USB cable, even if you plan to connect the printer using wireless. Please note that network printers are not supported on the wired network at this time.

Bring your installation media and manuals

You may need to restore or reset your computer/device if the software or configuraiton becomes corrupted. Most new computer/device purchases include a set of installation media and a manual with instructions on how to restore or reset the computer/device to factory condition. On some computers, the installation media may be pre-installed in a hidden partition on the local hard drive or available via the Internet. Please contact your computer manufacturer for additional details.

Review our Acceptable Use Policy

Ah yes, the fine print. Use of ResNet services is a privilege and it is the responsibility of each user to utilize these services appropriately.

REMEMBER: It is illegal to upload, download and share copyrighted material. OSU is obligated to respond to Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices of infringement per federal law. In addition to disciplanary actions for violating University policies, individuals found liable for civil copyright infringement may also be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

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