Office of Student Life

Technology Services

Specialized Workplace Services

The Specialized Workplace Services Team focuses on the unique technologies around your facilities that support Student Life business. The team is responsible for technical management and security compliance for these devices including standards, age & condition planning and consulting.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Point of Sale Solutions (POS, KDS, Credit Card Terminals, etc.)
  • Digital Signage Systems / Common Area TV’s
  • AV Lifecycle Management
  • Assistive Technologies
  • eSports Technologies
  • Building Devices (Traffic Readers, Beacons, etc.)
  • Kiosks (Informational, Registration, CPR, etc.)
  • VR / AR (Matterport, etc.)
  • ICS Security
  • Unique Use PC’s - Move-in Systems, network monitoring, Camera Systems
  • Embedded PC’s – ex. X-Ray Machines
  • Matterport - 3D Scanning and Visualization
  • PC Lab Equipment

Specialized Workplace Services Team