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Passwords and Account Security

June 1, 2015

Do you cringe when you see the message “Your password has expired” because you have worked your way through every pet and relative you can name? Maybe you have trouble remembering if you replaced an “i” with 1 or an “a” with @. If you struggle with remembering the rules for setting up a complex password, consider using a passphrase instead.  “correct horse battery staple” contains the complexity required by many systems and may be easier to remember than “dog$name23”…or is it “dog$name24” this month? The passphrase above contains 28 characters, including upper and lowercase letters and special characters (spaces), making it more secure than a typical 8-10 character password. For more tips on passwords and authentication, please visit the password page on the OCIO website. Additionally, another good practice is to avoid commonly used passwords, for reference here is a link to the 50 WORST passwords of 2018.