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Email Security / Phishing

July 17, 2019

Here are a few tips to be aware of when checking your email to prevent becoming a victim of phishing attempts. You can report phishing attempts to

  1. Be careful when clicking on links in email. One quick way to protect yourself is to place your cursor over a link in an email and look at the URL before clicking on the link. If it looks suspicious, your best bet is to delete the email.
  2. Pay attention to the email address. Hackers will often try to fool you by spoofing (forging) a legitimate address. For example, if you receive an email from your bank asking you to “click here” to access your account, a better option is to go to the website on your own and log in. You should see a padlock or “https” in the address bar.
  3. You should also pay attention to typos and poor grammar – highly reputable organizations should be able to catch these mistakes before emailing customers.
  4. If the greeting is generic, this can be an indicator that the sender does not know basic information you would expect your bank/friends/etc. to know. However, a personalized greeting with the other warning signs should not be ignored!
  5. In addition, if you suspect a phishing attack was sent to your OSU email account please use the report phishing button located on the top ribbon of outlook.