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What is Philo Edu?

Philo Edu is an online television provider available to students and residents of the Ohio State Columbus campus, Mansfield Molyet Village Apartments, Newark Residence Hall and McConnell Hall. The service provides an updated approach to viewing live cable and TV programming from a variety of devices using a wired or wireless university network connection. This gives students the flexibility to view programming from most university-owned locations on the main campus. In addition, to live program viewing, students have the ability to pause and rewind live TV, and up to 20 hours of personal DVR space to record favorite programs. NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions from some content owners, some programs cannot be recorded.

I live in one of those residence halls.  How can I watch Philo Edu?

Television via Philo Edu can be accessed over university-owned network connections and wireless computer access. If your computer or mobile device is on OSU Wireless, or plugged into a network connection on-campus, you will be able to view Philo Edu on compatible devices.

What is the channel lineup for Philo Edu?

The initial channel lineup can be found with the Office of the CIO. The lineup is subject to change as the new service is launched. You can view the channel lineup HERE.

Supported Devices and Browsers

Using a supported browser, you can view Philo Edu on most Mac's and PC's*, as well as most iOS, Android, Roku**, and Apple TV devices.

  1. For a current list of supported devices, go to
  2. For a current list of supported browsers, go to 

*NOTE: The most recent version of the Microsoft Silverlight plugin is required when using a Mac or PC. 

**NOTE: Roku devices need to be registered and activated at to work. 

How to Watch Philo Edu

Use the following instructions to access and view Philo Edu programming from various devices. To Watch Philo Edu on a TV, you will need a Roku or Roku TV, an Apple TV, or a laptop (with HDMI out) connected by HDMI cable to a TV. For a current list of supported devices, visit Philo Edu can only be viewed on one device at a time and some devices may not be supported.

Watch Philo Edu on a Computer

  1. Go to and select "Log In"
  2. Enter your OSU Lastname.# and password. NOTE: You will need to setup your account the first time you log in.
  3. Start watching live TV or record some for later

Watch Philo Edu on an iOS Device

  1. Download the Philo Edu app from the iTunes App Store at
  2. Enter your OSU Lastname.# and password
  3. Start watching live TV or record some for later

Watch Philo Edu on an Android Device

  1. Download the Philo Edu app from Google Play at 
  2. Enter your OSU Lastname.# and password
  3. Start watching live TV or record some for later

Watch Philo Edu on a Roku

  1. Connect your Roku to your TV via an HDMI cable
  2. Connect your Roku's power cord to an outlet
  3. Follow the Philo-on-Roku setup instructions found at 
  4. Select the Philo Edu channel to watch TV on your Roku

I want to watch using my Roku.  How do set that up for use on the network?

First, connect your Roku device to the university network. This is the same process for many devices that will connect to Ohio State’s ResNet (residential computer network):

Activations could take up to 15 minutes.

Second, you will need to set up your Roku account and register your Roku to your account at

Once you have registered your Roku to your Roku account, you can connect your Roku account to your Philo Edu account by logging into Philo Edu on your computer ( and following the instructions on your account settings tab. Philo Edu provides email support for the Philo Edu Roku Channel but cannot provide support for the Roku device itself.

Can I record television programs?

Yes.  The Philo Edu service provides some digital video recording features.  You will find more information on the Philo Edu support site (  You can not record or play back recorded material on Roku.  Special Note:  due to licensing restrictions from the content owners, most station owned by Disney companies cannot be recorded.  This includes ABC stations, ESPN stations, and Disney networks.


The Ohio State University strives to maintain an accessible and welcoming environment for individuals with disabilities. If you are having trouble with the accessibility of this service, please follow the instructions for assistance in the questions section below.  


If you have questions about the Philo Edu service or need assistance, visit to submit a support request with Philo Edu.

For assistance with connecting to a university network or setting up your device, or to get help with other service-related questions, contact the Office of Student Life's ResNET group:

Call:  614-292-5700

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